How we do things

  We enjoy coming up with imaginative designs that are tested for quality and comfort. Our hope is
that they will make your little one’s world colourful and playful.
Our clothes are airy, comfortable and play proof. They will allow your child to be adventurous and
curious as they chalk out their own path.


Our Products:

Nothing about our store is “off the rack”.


 Our t-shirts are designed by inhouse designers who choose materials based on safety and comfort considering the level of activity for that particular age group. They are stitched by some of the best clothing manufacturers in India with a reputation for to deliver quality time and time again using sustainable and ethical production processes.


Embroidery Designs:

 Our embroidery designs are hand-built one-stitch at a time using state-of-the-art software and hardware. The threads used in our designs are the best the world can offer. Some of our customers choose to even cut and frame the designs as a sweet memory of a beautiful time. Our appliques are designed and printed inhouse too so that we can assure quality throughout the build process.