Our Values/Mission

ColorCreed believes in creating valuable items of clothing and wall art rather than mass-producing, so nothing you buy from our store would ever be considered off the rack.

We are here to ensure you forget the world of mass-produced fast fashion, where nothing special, run-of-the-mill designs perpetuate — we only sell and design embroidered shirts and wall art that our kids would wear and we would hang in our homes.

We are advocates of slow fashion and believe in quality over quantity, which is why we work in small batches and custom orders to create some genuinely unique embroidery designs.

We at ColorCreed believe:

  • Shopping for your little ones should be as enjoyable an experience as shopping for yourself
  • The importance of slow fashion and living for a sustainable future for our homes and our kids, who are our future
  • Providing the best designer quality at the best price
  • Listening to our customers' feedback and continuously enhancing ourselves and our embroidery design process
  • Our custom kids shirts designs and quality should speak through our products
  • Constantly challenge ourselves to change the status quo